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Nicole Beverly

Nicole Beverly

The Ypsilanti Township woman’s ex-husband beat her, stalked her, and finally went to jail.  From there. he tried to hire hitmen to kill Nicole and the children they share together.  That man received a 13-35 year sentence last week.  Even while going through the continual court drama and lack of security and sense of safety, Nicole has worked diligently and publicly to create greater protections for victims and survivors at the local, state and federal level.  Hear Nicole update her personal plight and work with other survivors.

Michigan State Senate
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Victims of certain crimes in Michigan could become harder to track down – and advocates say that’s for their own safety.  Legislation that passed the state Senate would let victims keep their addresses confidential.

Convictions on charges of witness intimidation and extortion on April 3rd will keep Nicole Beverly's ex-husband behind bars, for now.  Kevin Beverly abused Nicole for a period of years, and even while behind bars, allegedly tried to hire people to kill the Ypsilanti Township woman and the two children they share. sentencing on the latest two convictions has been scheduled for May and it could keep Kevin Beverly jailed for up to 20 years.  Hear Nicole's reaction to the convictions, how her children are responding and why she is more determined than ever to win greater protections for victims and survivors of domestic violence.