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Arto Lindsay, Camera Obscura, Iron and Wine

Lo-fi folk from Miami's Iron and Wine; Avant-garde jazz pianist Marilyn Crispell; Polynesia's 126-member Tahitian Choir; Light chamber pop from Camera Obscura; An album never meant to be from Ric Menck; Israeli Beatle pop from the Rockfour. Featured Artist: Arto Lindsay.

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Arto Lindsay, Camera Obscura, Iron and Wine


Arto Lindsay is known for blending the sounds of Brazil with American noise pop. We last featured his work on Episode 20.

On Your Wings

Iron and Wine is the work of Samuel Beam, a cinematography instructor at Miami college. Reminiscent of Elliot Smith or Nick Drake, Beam writes delicate, hushed songs and records his musical treasures with a four-track at home.

The Storyteller

Emerging as a free-jazz pianist in the '80s, Marilyn Crispell today focuses more on harmony and melody, making dark jazz some have described as "haunted."

Ratou Ki Ota

This vocal group comes from the Tahitian island of Oparo, which is also known as Rapa. Only 330 people live on the island and nearly half of them are in this choir.

Suspended from Class

From Glasgow, Scotland, Camera Obscura borrow heavily from fellow Glasgow group Belle and Sebastian with sweet, light chamber pop tunes.

Perfect Day

Best known as the drummer for Velvet Crush, Ric Menck never intended to release his solo work as an album, but has compiled a dozen of his best jangle-pop singles for this CD.

You Said

Rockfour has been called Israel's answer to the Beatles. We last featured their work on Episode 24.