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Untangle Your Finances Before Tying the Knot

Newlyweds are increasingly in debt from student loans, credit cards and, of course, their big wedding day. In her new book, The Big Payoff, Sharon Epperson offers advice to help them untangle their finances before they tie the knot.

Epperson, a correspondent for CNBC, tells Michele Norris that money issues are big problems for new couples — and that they start with the wedding day itself.

Not only do many overspend on their wedding, but they also don't give themselves a "financial checkup" before walking down the aisle.

Epperson says it is important to know what you and your partner's debt is like before getting married.

No one likes talking about finances, but Epperson says it should be a key part of premarital counseling.

"Just as you would talk about your religious beliefs and how many children you want to have, you really need to have a talk about your finances as well," Epperson says.

Epperson shares with Michele Norris her three "Budget Commandments" — "Thou Shalt Live on One Income, Not Two," "Thou Shalt Pay Thine Own Self First," and "Thou Shalt Stay Out of Debt" — and offers strategies for meeting those goals.

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