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Issues of the Environment: Right-to-Know Pesticide Legislation

Would you be surprised to know that pesticides are being sprayed around you and your neighborhood? Michigan residents could soon be notified when pesticides have been applied near their properties with new right-to-know legislation. 
In this week's installment of Issues of the Environment, WEMU's David Fair talks with Ann Arbor State Representative Jeff Irwin about House Bill 4841. 

The 53rd District Democrat seeks to pass into law a measure that would give all residents of Michigan the opportunity to register with the State of Michigan, and be notified when pesticides are being used near their property. Right-to-Know pesticide legislation is the focus on this installment of WEMU's weekly feature, Issues of the Environment.


  •  State Rep. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor, has introduced legislation that would allow residents to add their names to the state's pesticide notification registry.
  • Currently only Michigan residents with a medically verified condition can register to be notified about pesticides that are due to be applied on properties adjacent to their residences.
  • Jeff Irwin introduced House Bill 4841 which would allow Michigan residents to register with the state and be notified when pesticides are applied near their properties and to know what types of pesticides are applied.

Approximately 78 million homes and businesses in the United States use pesticides on their lawns, and neighbors are often unaware of their exposure to potential hazards.  “The chemical mixtures in pesticides have been linked to the damage of major organs, disruption of the hormonal and reproductive systems, skin problems, and cancer,” according to Rebecca Meuninck, Environmental Health Campaign Director at the Ecology Center.

Contact David: dfair@emich.edu
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