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Issues Of The Environment: NEXUS Pipeline-Needed Resource Or Unnecessary Risk? Part 2


Recently, there have been concerns that DTE has not been adequately engaged in the public input portion of the NEXUS natural gas pipeline project.  

In this week's "Issues of the Environment," WEMU's David Fair talks with Steven Hohf, manager of natural gas analytics for DTE Energy. They discuss environmental concerns, energy questions and why DTE has decided the proposed NEXUS natural gas pipeline is necessary. 


   *   DTE Energy, along with Spectra Energy, are jointly developing the NEXUS Gas Transmission project.  DTE is a 50/50 partner with NEXUS, and the companies have allowed the required public hearings pending FERC approval.  However, the hearings are a formality as local governments cannot disallow the such projects sanctioned by FERC.

   *   The approval process for a new “NEXUS” natural gas pipeline stretching from Ohio to Canada is underway, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is in the processes of drafting an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) regarding the potential environmental disruption of the project. The project is for all practical purposes already “approved."  The details are just being hashed out.

   *   DTE takes issues with the position of groups and local governments that feel the existing pipelines are adequate to meet the need for natural gas in Michigan.  They acknowledge the fact that environmental impacts and risks of the project exist, but they feel they are fairly insignificant and manageable.  NEXUS and DTE say that the demand for natural gas will continue to increase as coal is phased out, and they see the project as boon to local economies due to the jobs it will create and the ability of businesses to tap into infrastructure that will supply ample power.

   *   Steve Hohf, Manager of Gas Analytics for DTE Energy, has attended meetings in all three of the impacted counties in Michigan, and he is familiar with local environmental and safety concerns.

For more information on DTE's position on the NEXUS pipeline, watch the video below.

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