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Fewer Caregivers but Record State Revenues from Medical Marijuana in Michigan

“Caveman Chuck” Coker / / CC BY-ND

State sees record revenues from medical marijuana program, but fewer caregivers
By Jake Neher

State officials are reporting record revenues from Michigan's medical marijuana program last fiscal year. They say the state took in almost $11 million dollars. That's up about $1 million from the year before, and $7 million more than it costs the state to oversee the program.

But the report also shows a dramatic decrease in caregivers in Michigan. State officials say the number of people licensed to grow and provide medical marijuana was about half of what it was the year before.
Medical marijuana advocate Tim Beck says that's probably due to a recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling that allowed many dispensaries to be shut down. He's worried patients are now turning to drug dealers to get cannabis.

"The fact of the matter is, yeah, most patients in many cases do find alternative sources," said Beck. "And again, they're not the criminals if they purchase in the underground economy."

He says legislation in Lansing meant to revive medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan would help ensure safer access for patients.