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Jazz On The Radio Is Better With You


It’s true! Listening to music on WEMU makes your day better. The genuine passion and real joy of jazz uplifts spirits and restores your sense of balance when times get stressful, which they certainly are right now as we live through challenging times together. 

A Miles Davis ballad, a fresh take on with the Roots Music Project or From Memphis To Motown, a Bill Evans trio, a Coltrane solo on The In Crowd or the Groove Yard —any of these or thousands of other performances can transform an ordinary day into a revelation.

But listening to music on WEMU isn’t just better for you. It’s better with you.

That’s because YOU and your support help make WEMU itself better. Your support today makes the revelations of jazz on WEMU possible tomorrow.

Bebop, Swing, Cool, Contemporary... any of the brilliant corners of jazz can bring life to your day. At home or when you’re working, on your commute or on the run, the next great jazz track from WEMU is always cued up ready to play for you.

As the fiscal budget year draws to a close, we’re asking you to please support us and the great jazz that offers so much joy and pleasure every day. YOU help play the music that will make tomorrow all it can be. You help ignite the power of jazz to make your day better—as well as the days of so many others. 

The music on WEMU can truly transform—bringing harmony to a disorderly day, a beautiful revelation to a dull afternoon, a sense of deep pleasure, a calming refuge just when you need it most. It’s your rich harvest from a century of recorded musical brilliance. And it needs your support now more than ever. Please make your donation today at


Thank you!