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Jorge is an Emmy Award winning journalist who has more than ten years of experience covering Metro Detroit.   He started his career with the Spanish language television network Univision in Texas.   After an Univision executive saw him over a television news feed he was offered a job as a television news reporter in Detroit Michigan.  A few years later he moved on to English television, also in Detroit.   Jorge has covered every big news story in the last decade in Detroit from presidential visits, bankruptcy, city hall scandals, Super Bowl, World Series and of course the North American International Auto Show.  He also once flew inside a Red Bull Air Race stunt plane reaching speeds of up to six G-forces.   But his favorite stories to cover are people stories, the ones that residents get to tell their stories. Jorge is now thrilled to be reporting for 89.1 WEMU.  Email him him story ideas or tips!

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City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s city council will continue discussing the city’s Solid Waste Resources Management Plan tonight.  

University of Michigan

The City of Ann Arbor’s new satellite city clerk’s office at the University of Michigan has registered numerous voters since it opened inside the Museum of Art Stenn Gallery on September 22nd.  


Washtenaw Community College will hold an event later this month to help residents find jobs during the pandemic.  


The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority, also known as TheRide, says ridership remains low during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Ann Arbor Public Schools

The Ann Arbor Education Association sent a letter to Ann Arbor Public Schools encouraging the district to continue using a virtual learning model instead of in-person instruction.  


The Washtenaw Intermediate School District says state and federal funding would be necessary if students are required to get tested for COVID-19 in the future. 

Washtenaw County

The Washtenaw County Broadband Task Force is in the process of installing seven cellular hotspots in the county to provide better internet connection to local rural residents during COVID-19.  

Ann Arbor Spark

Ann Arbor Spark is now using 100% renewable energy to power its office buildings.  

University of Michigan

Starting October 2nd, the University of Michigan will hold weekly COVID-19 video briefings.  

Washtenaw MBK

After declaring that racism is a public health crisis, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners is considering allocating $50,000 to the Washtenaw County My Brother’s Keeper program to promote increased equity work across our area.  

Wiki Commons

The Washtenaw County Health Department will use social media to target teens who may be addicted to or are considering using vaping products.  

A2Y Regional Chamber

The Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber has formally endorsed an affordable housing millage that Ann Arbor voters will see on the November ballot.  

City of Ann Arbor

The Washtenaw County Elections Department says voters will soon start to see an increase in the number of absentee ballot drop-off boxes being installed around the county.  

U.S. Census

The Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development says they will continue their local efforts in trying to get residents to fill out the 2020 Census after a federal judge extended the deadline for the count.  


The Glennborough subdivision in Superior Township has filed a lawsuit against the United States Postal Service to try to change its Ypsilanti zip code to an Ann Arbor zip code.  

A2Y Regional Chamber

The Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber says businesses in downtown Ann Arbor are getting ready to welcome customers back this fall as University of Michigan football games resume once again.  

Wiki Commons

The Community Advisory Board for Law Enforcement, also known as CABLE, is in the process of creating a campaign to educate the public on law enforcement policies and procedures in Washtenaw County.  

Washtenaw County

The Washtenaw County Health Department will offer free COVID-19 testing Saturday, September 26th in Ypsilanti.  

University of Michigan

The Black Student Union at the University of Michigan is moving forward with efforts to motivate Black students on campus to vote in the November general election.  


Washtenaw County, the University of Michigan, and Eastern Michigan University conducted a study that revealed that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on residents of color in Ypsilanti. 


Washtenaw County residents could soon be fined for not complying with COVID-19 guidelines established by the county.  

Washtenaw County

A virtual public question-and-answer Zoom meeting will be held Thursday, September 24th at 6:30 pm to discuss a proposed consent judgement between Gelman Sciences and other parties involved, regarding the 1,4 dioxane plume clean-up in our area.  

Leslie Science and Nature Center

Outdoor programming at the Leslie Science and Nature Center in Ann Arbor will resume this fall after a $535,000 soil remediation project was completed this summer.  


Eastern Michigan University has launched a new Master of Public Health program that will address issues related to COVID-19.  

Michigan State Senate

Public health and education are expected to be two main components in the State of Michigan’s 2021 fiscal year budget that lawmakers will vote on later this week.  

Washtenaw County

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners will consider a resolution Wednesday night that, if approved, will impose a fine for residents who don’t comply with COVID-19 guidelines established by the county.  

City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s city council approved a resolution that decriminalizes psychedelic plants.  


Eastern Michigan University began in-person instruction for the fall semester on Monday.  WEMU’s Jorge Avellan was there as students returned to classrooms and has the story.


Eastern Michigan University will begin in-person instruction Monday for the fall semester. 

City of Ypsilanti

The City of Ypsilanti is one step closer to protecting residents who have been convicted of misdemeanor crimes.