1st Friday Focus On The Environment: The Pope's Environmental Encyclical

Jan 2, 2015

Rob Sisson, Executive Director of ConservAmerica
Credit Rob Sisson / twitter.com

The Pope will soon weigh in on Climate Change and the importance of the environment in religion.  In this month's 1st Friday Focus on the Environment,  Lisa Wozniak talks with ConservAmerica Executive Director Rob Sisson. He is a Republican and a Catholic, and weighs in on how the Pope's environmental encyclical will be received. 

Rob Sisson is Executive Director of ConservAmerica. It's a national grassroots organization of Republicans for environmental protection dedicated to restoring the GOP’s conservation legacy to the Party. Rob is also a leading commentator on Pope Francis and his environmentally related efforts.  

Lisa Wozniak is Executive Diretor of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and host of 89.1 WEMU's '1st Friday Focus on the Environment.'


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