89.1 WEMU

3 Easy Steps To Reach WEMU Nirvana On iTunes Radio

Aug 13, 2014

A man in a movie once said, "no matter where you go, there you are." Since you'll most likely have your phone with you, you'll also have WEMU available via iTunes Radio. We're happy to announce that WEMU's radio stream has been added to iTunes Radio.

 1. How Can I Find WEMU in iTunes Radio?

Easy answer: CLICK HERE. Boom, done.

That should take you directly to WEMU in iTunes Radio on your desktop or mobile device. Once it is playing, it will automatically be saved as one of your “My Stations” favorites in iTunes Radio. Next time it will be even easier to listen.

 You can also search for "89.1 WEMU Michigan" at any time in iTunes Radio. Where ever you go, there we are.

2. Where can I listen to iTunes Radio?

On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: Open the Music app and select the Radio tabOn Mac and PC: Open iTunes, go to your music library, and select Radio from the toolbarOn Apple TV: Select iTunes Radio from the home screen

3. What MUST I have to use iTunes Radio?

To use iTunes Radio, you must have iOS 7 or OS X Lion v10.7 or later, iTunes 11.1, or Apple TV 6.0 or later installed on your iPhone, iPad or computer as well as an Apple ID for use in the iTunes Store. Since this is streaming you will also need an Internet connection.

Hold the phone: I don't have iTunes, an iPhone or iPad! I'm on Android...

Not to worry, we've been working to ensure that you can listen to WEMU anywhere and anytime! You can stream WEMU via your mobile phone by surfing to WEMU.org, you can use our web enabled player on your Android tablet at the "Listen Live" button or you can download the WEMU app from the Google Play store for your Android enabled device.

 We welcome your feedback, smart remarks or questions. If you run into anything be sure to email us at WEMU@wemu.org