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5:01 Jazz Series

Dec 20, 2012

5:01 Jazz Series For 2013

  • Friday, February 1; Jake Reichbart Quartet  
Veteran guitarist Jake Reichbart straddles the line between edgy progressive rock, straight ahead or fusion jazz, and sweet ballads. He has played at a variety of venues, from larger stadium-type concerts to lounges, night clubs, restaurants, and smaller, intimate halls. For the 501 show, the Reichbart 4tet will present a diverse repertoire from all his experiences in the music business. 
This is a show guaranteed to appeal to all age groups.
  • Friday, March 1; Rampage Swing Orchestra w/Brad McNett
  • Friday, April 5; Jesse Kramer’s Juice Box

Up-and-coming drummer Kramer leads this new ensemble ina tribute to the electric music of Herbie Hancock. Featuring trumpeter Ingrid Racine, keyboardists Mike Malis and Michael Jellick, and vocalist Antwaun Stanley.


  • Friday, May 3; Robert Hurst & Friends