AAATA's Blake Transit Center Construction Update

Oct 7, 2013

The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority continues construction of the new Blake Transit Center, with much of the brick and stonework up on the south-side of the building.

Credit TheRide/ / Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority

WEMU's Andrew Cluley toured the facility and has this report:


The new Blake Transit Center in Ann Arbor likely will be opening in late December or in January.
The 12,000 square foot facility will include a larger lobby than the original Blake Transit Center and more restrooms for the 5,000 daily passengers.

Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority's Maintenance Manager, Terry Black, says the new facility will also include several new features for passengers. Black adds that the second floor will also offer better facilities for drivers that sometimes have lengthy breaks between morning and afternoon runs.The facility will have increased office space, a remote dispatch center, and storage space for operational use. As well, the new facilities will also provide additional services to passengers such as real-time signage, information kiosks, charging stations to charge their mobile devices, and automated ticketing services. 

Black says the building is designed so another two or three stories could be added easily in the future. and nearly all of the mechanical equipment is in the basement so an addition could begin quickly.  However,  he says it has been a challenge to build because of the relatively small footprint and efforts to keep the existing transit center open on the site as long as possible.

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