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Amanda Edmonds Gearing Up To Be Ypsilanti's Next Mayor

Oct 1, 2014

The city of Ypsilanti will have a new Mayor in a little over a month, and it looks as though it'll be Amanda Edmonds.

Credit Bob Eccles / 89.1 WEMU News


The Executive Director of Growing Hope faces a write-in challenge next month, but she's been gearing up for the new job by studying up on city board and commissions and their vacancies. 

She would be appointing members as Mayor.

"I really believe in not only understanding where the opening is and who's around to fill it, but well, how does that change the makeup and who is and isn't represented," Edmonds says. "So I believe in balancing voices and making sure voices are represented."

Edmonds has also been having community conversations about how she might be able to spearhead efforts on community beautification, youth engagement and other areas. 

Write-in candidate Steven Taylor is challenging Edmonds for the Mayor's job in the November 4 election.