Ann Arbor City Council Developing Regulations For Growing Native Plants

Jan 13, 2015

Council to discuss the legality of plants taller than turf grass.

The shift to using more native plants over turf grass in landscaping is creating some confusion on what's allowed on lawn extensions between the road and the sidewalk. Ann Arbor officials are trying to provide clarity on the issue.

Growing native plants, or even vegetables, in the extension is promoted by many storm water retention. However, these plants often grow taller than turf grass, creating concerns over what's legal. Ann Arbor City Council member, Sabra Briere, says the city is developing a manual to help residents understand what's allowed in the extension. Briere attested Council members "know what the current rules are, and know about the need to keep both sidewalks and street sight-lines clear."

Plans to tweak the city's vegetation ordinance should come back in front of council in June, after the guide is developed.

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