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Ann Arbor Parking Rates Will Not Go Up this Year

Sep 10, 2013

Some good news for those who regularly park in downtown Ann Arbor. Parking rates are going to hold steady, for the time being. WEMU's Andrew Cluley attended last night's Ann Arbor City Council working session. At that meeting, the Downtown Development Authority  gave its annual update on the city's parking system. 

Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority officials say parking revenues were up about 12 percent last year, an increase larger than the rate hike that took place about 18 months ago.  D-D-A officials shared an update on the parking system with city council members at a work session last night.  The DDA  handles about eight-thousand parking spaces in structures, surface lots, and meters, and is expecting nearly a $19.5 million revenue this fiscal year.

The DDA  doesn't plan rate hikes this year, but the monthly rate at the Forest Avenue structure may be raised to match other structures near campus. DDA board member Roger Hewitt says fewer hourly tickets may have been pulled last year, but people are remaining parked for a longer time so overall the system remains in high demand.

A new parking structure is expected to open next month, as the First and Washington structure is expected to come online. Hewitt says the structure has 250 parking spots. 75-will be dedicated to the attached Village Green Apartments. the rest will likely be reserved for monthly parking during the day and single pay entry at night.