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Ann Arbor Planning Commission Weighs In On The Sale Of The Old YMCA Property

Aug 21, 2013

Based on recommendations made Tuesday night, we may be getting a better picture of what  new development of the old YMCA property in Ann Arbor will look like.

The Ann Arbor Planning Commission issues its recommendations last night. Should the city choose to sell the property to a private developer, the Planning commission urges it use the "Request For Proposal" process. 

As WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, the commission also include a list of conditions any developer should have to meet in order to benefit the city in the long term.

Ann Arbor's Planning Commission says if the city wants to sell the former Y-M-C-A site on William, it should include requirements to ensure a higher quality development.  The Planning Commission Tuesday night unanimously passed a resolution giving its recommendations to City Council on what should be done with what is now a surface parking lot between fourth and Fifth Avenues.

Planning Commissioner Bonnie Bona says because the city owns the property, it can require a development more focused on the city's long term interests. The recommendation encourages the city use a "Request For Proposal" process  to draw a number of interested buyers, instead of simply selling-off the property. 

Other recommendations include requiring a mixed use development, the creation of open space on the site, using an underground parking structure as the vehicle entrance to the development, and have an active-use first floor.