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Ann Arbor Public Schools Gain Over 400 Students

Sep 18, 2014

Students in Ann Arbor Public Schools have more classmates this year. Preliminary numbers indicate efforts to boost enrollment are working. 

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

The numbers aren't finalized until the official count day on October first, but about 17,000 students are attending Ann Arbor schools this year. That's an increase of 425 students, and the per-pupil funding that comes with them.

Superintendent Jeanice Swift says careful monitoring over the summer allowed the district to have teachers in the right spots to avoid overcrowded classrooms. "I would say other than just a couple of class sizes in a very, just one or two spots, we've not had to do a whole lot of adjusting since school has started," she says.

Swift says she's excited that the increase includes about 200 additional kindergarten and young Five students who the district hopes to keep throughout their school career. She has also heard that some in the community are waiting a year to see how some of the district's new programs work. Swift believes this will continue the upward trajectory for enrollment and continue to offer budget relief.

A more in-depth presentation on enrollment, including a breakdown of schools of choice students is expected after count day.

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