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Ann Arbor Schools To Roll Out Enhanced Security Measures

Oct 24, 2013

About 1/3 of Ann Arbor Public Schools buildings will likely have front doors with security cameras connected to buzzers by the start of school next year.

Credit Sirius Rust / photo on flickr

WEMU's Andrew Cluley has more.

The Ann Arbor School board considered several options on how to roll-out enhanced security at the front doors of schools presented by district administrators. While it was just an informational item so no formal vote was taken, board members appeared to agree on a plan to have the buzzer doors added at 12 schools by next fall, and then go district ride the following year.

Superintendent Jeanice Swift says the board has been balancing several competing issues, adding that the 12 schools chosen to go first all have offices that don't have direct line of site with the front door.

She remarked that rolling out the enhanced security measures will include communication and education with families as well as the front office staff. Additionally, the district will also work on signs to help visitors know where to go and how to use the cameras and buzzers.

This two phase approach will cost about $85,000 in the first year, and $105,000 the following year.