89.1 WEMU

Building A Community Together

Sep 13, 2019

Thank you for listening to 89.1, WEMU.  Thanks to you, WEMU recently recorded its biggest audience ever in our 54 year history.  More than 67,000 people have listened to WEMU every week.  A community of like minded people who believe in authentic radio, independent fact-based journalism, and the cultural hub that is created with a vibrant music and arts scene.

 WEMU also has a community of generous donors but it's small.  Fewer than 4000 in our community of listeners actually contribute financially to WEMU, the service they use and enjoy every week, about 6% of our total audience.  Those who do give are incredibly generous, often donating more than once per year and even more than once per fundraising campaign.   And it’s deeply appreciated.  But WEMU can’t survive indefinitely on support from just 6% of the audience.  Costs continue to rise and our revenue must rise with it to make WEMU strong and sustainable for the future.

 As a user of this service, I ask that you support it with a financial gift. 

 If WEMU can increase the percentage of listeners who donate to 8%, up from 6%, it could mean an additional $200,000 per year to go towards bringing you the excellent community radio you expect.

If you have never made a gift to WEMU, or have not made one in 10 years or more, we invite you and a guest to join us at our New Donor Reception Wednesday, November 20, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m at the Circ Bar in Ann Arbor. [Event details »] 

 More than 60% of WEMU’s operating budget comes directly from listeners, businesses, and foundations.  Please make your investment in our service by making your financial gift today, the first day of our fall pledge drive, during which we must raise $200,000 to keep our operating budget on track.

 Mary (Molly) MotherwellGeneral Manager, 89.1 WEMU