Can You Share The Love?

Sep 18, 2017

"The Feeling of Jazz" is a beautiful Duke Ellington piece the composer debuted on his classic collaboration with saxophone giant John Coltrane. That track and more than a few others come to mind as I ponder the retirement of WEMU Music Director Linda Yohn. This is not so much because I know Linda digs the tune; but rather that the sentiment captures what motivates and defines her.

Linda' love of Jazz, the many feelings it expresses, isn't just about the countless artists whose work she admires. It's also about how that music is embraced by listeners and fans (Linda, I'm sure, considers herself a fan first; and a music/radio professional second). Linda is a people person and a standard bearer and champion for the music on radio. What drives her is sharing that love of the art form with listeners. Our dear friend, the late Hazen Schumacher comes to mind here. Both Linda and Hazen present the music in a positive and swinging manner. 

Thank you Linda for all you brought to our lives, community and WEMU. Thanks also to all of you who've supported WEMU during Linda's run here. We look forward to hearing from you during this last pledge drive with Linda as Music Director at WEMU. Remember to share that love. 

Think of your financial support of WEMU as a celebration of and a tribute to jazz. It says something important about who you are, and what you value. It ensures that this vibrant music will always have a venue where we live. Please make your very important donation today.

Keep WEMU Swinging! - Michael Jewett