City Of Ann Arbor Offering Incentive To Residents Who Purchase E-Bikes

Jul 24, 2020

As part of its A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan, the City of Ann Arbor is offering an incentive to residents who purchase electronic bicycles, or E-bikes.  

The city has partnered with Human Electric Hybrids in Ann Arbor to offer residents a $100 discount on an E-bike and a $50 store credit.  Missy Stults is the sustainability and innovations manager for the City of Ann Arbor and says the incentive is part of a pilot program that could lead to other environmentally friendly initiatives.

Missy Stults: We’re also looking with electric bikes at the charging infrastructure, so that you can charge your bike when you’re at work for example.  So, we’re working on the infrastructure to continue supporting the growth of bicycling.

For more information on the incentive program, visit the city’s website.  The city is also working with Common Cycle, Ann Arbor's non-profit bicycle co-op, on the project.  

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