City Of Ann Arbor Wants To Align Solid Waste Plan With Carbon Neutrality Plan

Oct 12, 2020

The City of Ann Arbor plans to align its Solid Waste Resources Management Plan with its A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan.  

The waste management plan currently includes 24 recommendations on how to improve service and implement new programs.  Among them are offering year-round compost in residential areas and developing an ordinance for management of construction and demolition waste.  Molly Maciejewski is the Public Works Manager for the City of Ann Arbor and says recycling is another area they want to continue focusing on.

Molly Maciejewski: The city already has an education program where we contract with the Ecology Center to do education in schools.  So, we would like to expand that so we could do more outreach to businesses to expand our commercial recycling participation rate.

The city is also considering using electric vehicles for their trash and recycling collection.  Their goal is to achieve community-wide carbon neutrality by the year 2030. 

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