Concerns Over A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan To Be Discussed At Ann Arbor City Council Meeting

Jun 1, 2020

Ann Arbor’s city council will continue discussing the “A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan” Monday night.  

City Council Member Kathy Griswold from the second ward says council has yet to adopt the plan because some concerns have been raised, and that while she supports the plan overall, it includes a section that could create zoning issues for housing. 

Council Member Griswold: That would give developers the right to go into residential neighborhoods, put up homes, and build quadplexes.  Like the house next door to you, could become a four-unit apartment.

Griswold says the plan calls to build more housing so people who live and work in Ann Arbor, wouldn’t have to travel as much to work, reducing their carbon footprints.  The city hopes to obtain community-wide carbon neutrality by the year 2030.  

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