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Day 6 Testimony in Detroit Gay Marriage Trial

Mar 5, 2014

 A university economist says children raised by heterosexual couples have a much greater chance of making normal progress through school than kids living with same-sex parents.

Jayne Rowse, April DeBoer and the children they are raising together. The couple seeks to overturn Michigan's ban on gay marriage and to adopt the children.
Credit michiganmarriagechallenge.com

 Joseph Price of Brigham Young University testified Tuesday in Detroit federal court in a trial over Michigan's ban on gay marriage. He put his own interpretation on U.S. Census data used by another scholar who last week said there were no differences.

 Price says he disagrees with Michael Rosenfeld of Stanford University. He says Rosenfeld used restrictions that narrowed the pool of kids in the study.

 Price is testifying for the state of Michigan, which is defending a voter-approved ban on gay marriage. Two Detroit-area women are suing to try to get it overturned.