Economic Development A Priority For Ypsilanti Mayor

Jan 16, 2015

Ypsilanti Mayor, Amanda Edmonds, thinks economic development should solely focus on the new.

Ypsilanti Mayor, Amanda Edmonds, hopes the city can focus on economic development this year, and not just by attracting new businesses.

Edmonds stated that, too often, the focus on economic development is just on the new and shiny. She wants to make sure Ypsilanti has a good environment to retain existing businesses as well. Engaging the community in making sure the city is attractive is one goal of the economic development plan. Edmonds thinks that doesn't take extensive hours on the part of a few, but "if not that many people put in a few hours here and there during the year, we can really keep our community a lot cleaner."

Edmonds hopes to create a sustainability commission to ensure Ypsilanti is attractive to green businesses. She wants to look beyond the limited city staff, and to strengthen ties with partners such as the DDA, Eastern Michigan University, and the county.

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