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EMU Screening Students, Faculty, Staff Who've Been To Affected Areas For Ebola Exposure

Sep 8, 2014

Eastern Michigan University has been in contact with students, faculty and staff known to have recently traveled to areas affected by the Ebola outbreak.  No-one's been identified as being at high risk of coming down with the disease, but the university hopes anyone they may have missed will call for a phone screening.

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     Dr. Kimberly Keller is Chief of Medical Staff for EMU's University Health Services.  She says the screening will help determine whether a person has high risk, low risk, or no risk at all. "High risk exposure would be somebody who has attended a funeral for someone with Ebola, or has been a caregiver, something where they had a significant exposure," Keller says. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reaching out to college campuses for help in monitoring those who've been to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone or Nigeria in the last three weeks.   Those who have are asked to call in for a screening at (734) 487-1122.