Environmentalism And Public Art Merge At Public Housing Project

Jan 5, 2015

North Maple Estates housing project to see addition of environmental public art display.

Public art and environmentalism are common topics around Ann Arbor. North Maple Estates will the the merging of the two, during the summer construction project.

Work on replacing most of the housing at North Maple Estates starts this summer. Included in the project will be a showcase of green construction with one building using sustainable materials. Ann Arbor Housing Commission Executive Director, Jennifer Hall, says they will study to see if there are long-term savings from using the more durable products. Meetings are also planned for this spring to let community members create a concept for public art at the development. Hall stated that the goal was to have community members "actually come on site when we're done with the building construction and help us build in some interesting art and design."

Hall says the art could include poetry written into the pavement, a play area, or a gazebo.

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