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Environmentalists Protest Hazardous Waste Shipment

Aug 21, 2014

Environmentalists planned to gather in Belleville Thursday to protest a shipment of radioactive waste being brought into Michigan.

Credit letsbanfracking.org

The material was generated by a fracking operation in Pennsylvania.

It's being processed and diluted in a Belleville facility and then disposed of at a hazardous waste landfill operated by Wayne Disposal.

The protest is being organized by the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan. LuAnne Kozma is the Committee's Campaign Director.

"This really shows people just how interconnected all of us are from state to state," Kozma says., "what the effects of fracking are for everyone.  When it happens in one place it doesn't only impact people living right next to it, it impacts other people, as well."

Kozma says her group hopes to gather enough signitures to get an initiative on the 2016 ballot banning fracking in Michigan, along with the acceptance of fracking waste from other states.