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Freddy Cole Gets Better and Better

Jun 11, 2013

Pianist and singer Freddy Cole gets better and better. If it’s possible, there is greater warmth and depth in his husky voice. His phrasing is even more subtle and sly. His sense of rhythm – just slightly behind the beat feels more suspenseful yet playful than before. His chemistry with the band seems to be more organic, tighter and empathetic.

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This could be due to the longevity of Freddy’s current accompanists: drummer Curtis Boyd, bassist Elias Bailey and guitarist/arranger Randy Napoleon. We have watched Randy Napoleon’s musical star rise from the Ann Arbor Public schools to the University of Michigan to New York and now to world-wide acclaim for his tasteful, melodic arrangements for Freddy Cole.

Randy might have had something to do with the repertoire on Freddy Cole’s newest High Note CD, “This And That”. The songs have deep meaning, distinctive melodies and possibilities for rearrangement. Randy Napoleon has an ear for catchy melodies and I’m assuming that Freddy takes full advantage of Randy’s gifts in finding refreshing new tunes. Who would think that anyone but Harry Nilson could own “Everybody’s Talkin’”? Now the song belongs to Freddy Cole as does “You And Me Against The World”, “For The Love Of You” and “I Saw Stars”. “This And That” by Freddy Cole was a perfect Tuesday morning premiere on 89.1 Jazz.