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The future of public radio at WEMU

Mar 13, 2014

Dear WEMU Friends:

  Wow, what a winter we’ve had. Record-setting snow and bone-cracking cold. Ice, sleet, wind, and rain.Treacherous road conditions and closed schools. And, through it all, WEMU was here to give you vital information for your safety and well being. Yesterday, like so many days this winter, WEMU staffers braved the conditions to come in to work and tell you to stay home. And our metrics show us that you were listening; that when you needed important information, you turned to us.

By receiving this message, you can be assured that spring isn’t far away because today is the first day of WEMU’s Spring On-Air Pledge Drive and we must raise at least $200,000 between today and Thursday, March 20. It’s what keeps us on the air and keeps us available to bring you vital information as well as the music that entertained and soothed you through this long, cold, winter.

You listen to WEMU because it provides a service and benefit to you. You invest in WEMU because you know it’s a wise investment that provides an immediate return in the form of updates from NPR, local news, timely and traffic updates, and incredible music.

And now we are asking you to reinvest to ensure WEMU’s stability and sustainability so we will always be there for you in times of need or just as a companion throughout your day.

Without you, there is no WEMU on which you rely day in and day out. You are our strength and our backbone and we depend upon you for support and our future sustainability.

Please make your pledge of support today by phone at 1-888-299-8910 or online at WEMU.org. On behalf of all of us at WEMU, I thank you for your investment in public radio.


Molly Motherwell

89.1 WEMU General Manager