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Get Involved

Oct 17, 2013

Two years ago, jazz trumpeter, Terence Blanchard stood in front of members of the southeast Michigan jazz community to talk about his role as the artist-in-residence for the Detroit Jazz Festival.  He marveled at how, in the face of so many challenges, the Detroit Jazz Festival had remained so viable when many other festivals had gone under.

What resonated with me is that he said that in order for this free festival to continue, its stakeholders had to get involved.

The same can be said for WEMU.  If we are to continue this dual service of news and music, of local, national, and international programming, it's up to our key stakeholders to get involved.

And that's you.  To the hundreds of you who have already given to this pledge drive, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Thanks to you, we  have already raised over $130,000.

To those of you who have not yet made a pledge or a gift to WEMU in these eight days, I am asking you to please come through to help us raise the $69,000 + we still need on this, the last day of our fall pledge drive.

You are WEMU's key stakeholders, those who use and depend on the service every day.  For news, for traffic, for music, for events, for tickets, for companionship.  You rely on us.

Now we must rely on you.

Please make a gift today either by phone at 1-888-299-8910 or online at www.wemu.org
Get involved.

Terence Blanchard will be proud of you.


Molly Motherwell
General Manager