Have You Seen This Stinkbug? MSU Wants To Hear About It

Oct 1, 2015


Credit Michigan State University

BMSB is the acronym for the brown marmorated stink bug, a non-native species that's become a serious agricultural pest in the U.S.

Julianna Wilson is the tree and fruit IPM outreach specialist with Michigan State University.  

Wilson says,


“It’s large. It’s shield-shaped, it’s brown, and it has this dark and light banding pattern along the margin of it’s abdomen.”

She says reports of the non-native pest skyrocketed from 6 to over 900 in Michigan after MSU put the word out on social media. Washtenaw County alone has nearly 40 cases so far.



Credit Michigan State University

Those who think they’re spotted the bug in their home can file a report on the MSU Extension website.

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