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Honey Creek Watershed Management Plan Released

Nov 11, 2014

The Huron River Watershed Council has released a watershed management plan for Honey Creek in Scio Township.  The state has labeled the Huron River tributary as "impaired" due to high levels of bacteria.

Credit hrwc.org


Ric Lawson is a watershed planner with the Huron River Watershed Council.  He says they were able to use genetic "fingerprinting" to identify the source of the bacteria.

"We were able to narrow it down to human source bacteria in just a couple of small segments of Honey Creek," Lawson says.  "One of the things we want to do there is to find the exact sources, whether it's a leaking septic system or a direct connection to the creek."

Lawson says pet and livestock waste is also a concern, as is agricultural run-off. 

The watershed management plan for Honey Creek asks Scio Township to pass an ordinance requiring pet owners to pick up their pet's waste.  Pet waste stations would also be installed at key locations. 

The Huron River Watershed Council will be working with local governments to find funding for the plan, and to implement its recommendations starting next year.