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Issues Of The Environment: Coyotes in Southeast Michigan

Dec 10, 2014

Humans and Coyotes are more frequently inhabiting the same space. Studies are underway to explore the lives of near-urban coyotes and our ability to co-habitate.  

In this week's 'Issues of the Environment' you'll hear from Wayne State University Researcher Bill Dodge. 


  *   Coyote sightings in Washtenaw County used to be an infrequent event, particularly within city limits, but today most residents have seen or heard a coyote.

  *   Research by high school students in Ann Arbor supports the findings of experts at Wayne State University who are using radio collars and telemetry tracking to map the populations and movements of coyotes in Southeast Michigan. They have found that coyotes appear to be thriving in the area, even in developed areas, due to plenty of prey and their ability to adapt to the human environment.

  *   Bill Dodge, PhD Candidate, Department of Biological Sciences at Wayne State University, reports that coyotes may play a key a role in the ecological balance of our region by reducing the number of deer and feral cats, however many local residents may be uncomfortable sharing the habitat with such an effective predator.