Issues of the Environment: DTE Energy And Michigan's Energy Future

Feb 18, 2015

Credit DTE Energy /

What role will renewable resources play in Michigan's energy future? In this week's 'Issues of the Environment,'  We get the perspective from DTE Energy. Listen below as WEMU's David Fair talks with DTE Energy President and Chief Operating Officer, Steve Kurmas. 


DTE has surpassed the state's 2015 Renewables Mandate of 10-percent. The utility has plans to use less coal, more natural gas and potentially, nuclear power. 

  *   DTE is now producing more than 1000 MegaWatts of power from renewable sources, primarily wind.

  *   The company has plans to reduce its coal capacity by 50% by 2015, however some plants may switch to natural gas and new gas plants may be built.

  *   In addition, this week the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s staff has recommended that DTE Energy be granted a combined operating license for the proposed Fermi 3 nuclear power plant.

  *   Steve Kurmas, President and Chief Operating Officer of DTE Energy Company discusses DTE’s success in meeting the 2015 mandate and comments on the proposed Energy Freedom bills in Lansing.