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Issues Of The Environment: Lyme Disease Infections Rising In Washtenaw County

Sep 10, 2014

There is no record of anyone becoming infected with Lyme Disease while in Washtenaw County. Still, the number of county residents diagnosed with the ailment is on the rise.

The Deer Tick is responsible for transmitting Lyme Disease to humans.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

 In this week's edition of  'Issues of the Environment' , Washtenaw County Public Health Epidemiologist  Laura Bauman provides discusses a myriad of issues regarding Lyme Disease.  


  •  Thus far there is no evidence that transmission of Lyme disease has occurred in Washtenaw County, meaning residents are contracting the disease while they are visiting other areas, particularly the Lake Michigan shoreline.

  • Laura Bauman, Epidemiologist for Washtenaw County Public Health, says that residents visiting other parts of Michigan should take precautions to protect themselves, and even though Washtenaw has not been a source of transmission they should still be careful outdoors.