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Issues Of The Environment: Storm Water Management

Nov 12, 2014

This week I interviewed Evan Pratt, Water Resources Commissioner for Washtenaw County, about stormwater issues in the county and how Washtenaw County and the City of Ann Arbor are working to address them. Pratt highlights the recommendations of a newly completed 2-year study of the City of Ann Arbor's storm water system. He also comments on how increasing development/density plays a role in storm water management.

Ann Arbor Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis Project Area
Springwater Subdivision Infiltration Project
Credit Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office


The study, known as "Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis Project" was designed to identify aspects of the Ann Arbor's stormwater system that would benefit from improvement, then make decisions about the best way to implement these improvements.  

You can learn more about the project here