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Jazz is Alive at EMU

Apr 1, 2013

Jazz   Is   Alive!  Benefit   Concert   &   Dance

7pm   Saturday,   April   6th   at   the   EMU   Student   Center   Ballroom


The   Eastern   Michigan   University   jazz   program is putting on a “ Jazz   Is   Alive! ” themed   benefit   concert   and   dance   on   Saturday,   April   6.   The   evening   features   big   band   performances   from   the   EMU   Jazz   Band   and   The   Couriers . Detroit-based drummer Sean Dobbins joins them as a special guest.

Renowned area drummer Sean Dobbins


WEMU has a long-standing tradition of working in partnership with the EMU jazz program to host this benefit. This year's host is Evelynn Hawkins of Evening Sounds. Other members of the Eastern Michigan community are involved as well, including members of the university's Ballroom Dance Club & Swing Society, who will be offering dance demonstrations throughout the evening.


Appetizers, one free drink per ticket, a dessert reception,   and   a   chance   to   dance   all   evening   long round out this night of big band music. Director, Dr.   Donald   Babcock   says

 “ The   band   sounds   great   this   year.   We're   looking   forward   to   creating   a   wonderful   evening   with   The   Couriers   and   Sean   Dobbins. ” 


The concert   promises   to   showcase   the   talent   of   seasoned   professionals   and   the   students   in   Eastern's   jazz   program.   One   of   those   students   will   receive   the   Al   Townsend   Endowed   Scholarship   for   jazz,   a   nomination-based   scholarship   in   honor   of   trombonist   Al   Townsend   of   The   Couriers.   Proceeds   from   the   concert   benefit   the   scholarship   as   well   as   the   jazz   program.  


The EMU Benefit Concert & Dance is a wonderful way to satisfy cravings for big band music and celebrate National Jazz Appreciation Month.   Jazz   is   alive,   and   the   next   generation   of   musicians   would   like   to   show   just   how   alive   it   is.   Tickets   ($35)   available through April 2nd at   emu.music@emich.edu   or   734-487-4380.