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Johnson Running Again For Michigan Secretary Of State

Apr 21, 2014

Ruth Johnson announces reelection bid for Secretary of State

Ruth Johnson will seek another term as Michigan's Secretary of State.

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.
Credit michigan.gov

Johnson made the announcement Monday and kicked off a four-stop campaign tour across the state. She says the Secretary of State's office has become more efficient under her direction, largely because of technological improvements.

"I have a job, I work with wonderful people, I'm passionate about it," Johnson told reporters at a stop in Lansing. "We've gotten so much accomplished. I want to build on that. I can give back to Michigan in this way the best. And so I look forward and ask people if they would vote for me again to be their Secretary of State."

Johnson says one of her top priorities for a second term would be to work with lawmakers to crack down on auto insurance fraud.

"People are being taken advantage of," she said. "People are getting insurance from what they think is an insurance company, and as it turns out, some of those are fraudulent. And we're going to stop them. It's simply not fair to the people that are using their hard-earned money, think they're getting a deal, and in fact, they're getting ripped off."

Democrats have criticized Johnson for her proposal to place a checkbox on election ballot applications for voters to confirm their citizenship status. They say that caused confusion and could have kept qualified voters from going to the polls.

Johnson will have to be nominated by Republicans at their state party convention this summer. Democrats will also nominate a candidate for Secretary of State at their convention.