League of Conservation Voters Score Michigan Lawmakers On Environmental Issues

Feb 25, 2016

Each year, the League of Conservation Voters looks at Congressional votes covering a range of issues, from air and water quality to wildlife conservation.  For the 2015 National Environmental Score Card, the LCV tallied 35 House votes and 25 Senate votes.

The LCV has released their 2015 Score Card, and the scores were mostly split along party lines.  Jack Schmidt, Deputy Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, told WEMU Michigan stands out by "electing people to office, on both sides of the aisle, who have historically been strong on these issues." Schmidt went on to state that, unfortunately, in these times, environmental issues have become split along party lines.

However, with the 60 votes the League combed over, Schmidt admitted this session of Congress has been "the most active in the history of our score card."  Despite the high number of votes, the results were what Schmidt called "unfortunate."  His thought was that many of the bills that moved through were not good.

The LVC has been releasing their score card for more than 40 years.  Anyone can view the results by going to http://scorecard.lcv.org