Library Lunch Program Combats Summer Hunger

Jun 30, 2014

The Ypsilanti District Library is doing its part to make sure that kids who qualify for free lunch during the school year don't go hungry over the summer.

The Ypsilanti District Library's Whittaker Rd. branch.

A free summer lunch program started last Monday, and Librarian Shannon Bovis says more and more kids participated as the week went on.

"We have a capacity of 40," Bovis says. "We haven't given out 40 meals in one day yet, but hopefully we will soon."

About 30 kids piled into a reading room at the Whittaker Road branch this past Friday to enjoy a healthy lunch and a story read to them by Bovis. 

The program is free for kids under 18, and is administered by Food Gatherers with funding from the state Department of Education and the USDA. 

It happens Monday through Friday at noon at the Whittaker Road branch, at 2 p.m. weekdays at the downtown branch, and at noon on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Superior Township branch.