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Meet The Staff - Taylor Pinson

Mar 11, 2016

This is WEMU's Taylor Pinson - reporter, board op and ATC producer.

  Taylor came to WEMU as a student employee while he was finishing his undergrad work at EMU.  We were so happy with what he did in our newsroom we offered him a gig when he graduated.  This is the kind of effort you support when you listen and donate to WEMU.  He's a man of few words, but he makes them all count!

What jobs have you had at WEMU -  Board Operator, ATC Producer, Reporter, Former Student Employee

 What is your hometown - I grew up in Dundee, MI



Where did you attend college -  I started at Monroe County Community College and graduated from Eastern Michigan University.

 What was your major - I Double-Majored in Journalism and Electronic Media & Film

 What are your favorite WEMU shows -  I can't pick a favorite. Every one offers something unique that makes it great.

 What drew you to WEMU in the first place - I really liked the people and work atmosphere around the station. 

 What's your daily work at WEMU -  I gather and write news stories, create web posts, and help produce All Things Considered with Lisa Barry.



Where do you love to eat - Any place that serves ribs.

 What song is stuck in your head right now - Careless Whisper

 Do you have a favorite shopping destination -  I'm not much for shopping, its far too dangerous for my wallet.

 Where do you like to vacation - Some place warm and sunny.

 What's your favorite social media "follow" - Bill Corbett



What's the last movie you saw - The last one I saw in the theater was "Hail, Caesar!" I like its parodies of old movies and the general silliness of the plot.

 Do you have a favorite WEMU memory - Hearing my own voice on the air for the first time. I never expected that to ever happen.

 Why do you love public radio - There's nothing else like it on the radio.