Michigan Employer Survey Hints At More Hiring In 2015

Feb 24, 2015

A survey of Michigan business owners shows optimism about the state and national economies. The forecast by the Business Leaders for Michigan says almost half of the state’s largest employers plan to boost hiring this year.

Kelly Chesney  is with Business Leaders for Michigan. She says most employers expect the state and national economies to continue to grow through the next six to 18 months.

“And for them, this translates into forecasts for increased hiring and investments – and by that, I mean plant renovations, equipment upgrades, those kinds of things that grow business and make us more competitive. They’re feeling optimistic because the economy is growing again. We’re seeing lower energy                costs. These all translate into a growing confidence for our employers.”

Chesney says they expect that to turn into more hiring and investment. 

The Business Leaders for Michigan survey quizzes employers representing about a third of the state’s total economic activity. Though Michigan’s unemployment rate has dropped steadily, it remains above the national average. The survey does not address wages, which have largely remained stagnant.