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Mr. B's Joybox Express Begins A 2,000 Mile Mississippi River Road Ride

Sep 1, 2014


Mark "Mr. B" Braun and his Joybox Express begin the Mississippi River Road Ride today in Lake Itasca, Minnesota. The ride will conclude in December in New Orleans, Louisiana
Credit www.joyboxexpress.com

Drawing on the powerful time-honored tradition of traveling shows,  Mr. B’s "Joybox Express" will ride the Blues Highway beginning today and running through December.


This epic 2,000-mile, 90-day bicycle trek begins  at the Mississippi River headwaters in Lake Itasca, Minnesota and  concludes in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The Joybox Express will visit  cities, towns and villages along the Mississippi River Road to perform, educate, conduct group rides and inspire blues, jazz and bicycling  appreciation. Joybox Express is produced by Artrain, Inc.

The Joybox Express is a custom-designed bike with a 350-pound  upright piano onboard. It is powered by a trio of musicians and  cyclists and fronted by renowned jazz and blues pianist and amateur athlete Mark “Mr. B” Braun.

Mr. B is a rare living link to the first  generation of blues and boogie pianists, including the legendary Little Brother Montgomery, Boogie Woogie Red and Blind John Davis. 

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