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New Legal Assistance Available For Veterans And Military

Jul 18, 2014

State attorney general's office unveils law guides for vets and military personnel

Michigan veterans and active duty military families now have new resources to help handle legal issues. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette released two new legal guides Thursday.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette introduces new legal guides for veterans and military families Thursday in Detroit.
Credit Michigan Public Radio Network

"Sometimes trying to help veterans in transition coming back from a deployment, it can get a bit complicated," said Schuette.

"It could be anything from child custody to divorce to employment issues, what have you. And so what we're trying to do is put out a practical guide to try to help veterans across Michigan."

Schuette says veterans and active duty military personnel are particularly in need of legal resources. That's because they experience frequent relocations, separations from family and friends, and can be targets of scam artists.
He says the printed guides will be sent to veterans and military organizations across the state.