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New Partnership To Bring Together Economic Development Efforts In Washtenaw and Lenawee County

Sep 29, 2014

The next high tech start-up in Ann Arbor could get support from economic development efforts in Lenawee County.  Officials with the Ann Arbor Ypsilanti SmartZone think a partnership with the new Adrian Tecumseh SmartZone will benefit both communities.

Credit a2gov.org

That's because while both communities are focused on technology start-ups they differ slightly in the areas of focus. Chair of Ann Arbor's Local Development Finance Authority Carrie Leahy thinks the partnership will provide complimentary, rather than redundant economic development efforts. 

She says the LDFA is still working with the state on coming up with an estimate on how many jobs will be created. "Given the early stage focus of the developments and the technology and what not, you're not automatically going to get a high number of jobs out of some of those.  You're going to get companies, which then have to go on and mature, and then they will bring in more jobs," Leahy says.

The proposed satellite LDFA is a requirement for Ann Arbor's SmartZone to receive a 15 year extension from the state. The partnership won't officially begin until after tax increment financing plans are finalized and approved by local and state officials.

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