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A New Resource For Renters Unhappy With Landlords

Nov 18, 2014

Ypsilanti renters having trouble with landlords have a new ally.  The Ypsilanti Tenants' Rights Association recently formed to advocate for renters having trouble with issues like harassment, neglect, or landlords who won't perform maintenance requests.

Credit Bob Eccles

Alex Upham is a member of the Association, which was to introduce itself at Tuesday night's Ypsilanti City Council meeting. 

He says they're asking council to do what it can to help.

"We know that they have a grievance process, and we know that landlords do, too," Upham says.  "But often times renters are unaware of how these processes actually go through, or how they're handled.  And so we want to be able to create a public forum for people to speak about their issues and hopefully announce our presence in the community as a group that can help mediate these conflicts."

The Ypsilanti Tenants' Right Association has also reached out to the Ypsilanti Housing Commission to offer its services providing educational resources and support.