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New Study Fuels Debate Over Whether The Cost Of Michigan Colleges Are Worth The Expense

Aug 23, 2016

College students at graduation
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The high cost of a "higher education" may not be paying off, according to a Washington, D.C. non-partisan think tank.  This is especially true for Michigan colleges.

The organization known as "Third Way" gathered data on graduation rates and incomes earned following graduation from one of Michigan's 15 public universities and went as far as to call them "dropout factories."

That's based on statistics that show fewer than two-thirds of Michigan college students are earning a degree, saying a student entering a Michigan public university has a one in two shot of graduating.  

The organization also looked at earning levels of Michigan college graduates finding one-third of students make less than $25,000 six years after graduation.  

Several university officials have taken issue with the report saying it only looks at a subset of students and uses data that doesn't truly reflect a student's experience going to college.

Out of 535 public higher education institutions studied, the University of Michigan was near the top in tenth place for graduation rates and income earned.

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