89.1 WEMU

A note from the General Manager

Mar 26, 2020

It's eerily quiet at WEMU. Those of us who are here are keeping our distance while we continue to work to keep you updated, educated, informed, and entertained.

Today was supposed to be the last day of our spring on-air fundraiser. A high energy day filled with special incentives and matches as we closed in our $200,000 goal. With volunteers and staff and assorted guests sharing in the excitement and chaos.

The last day of fundraising is always a party of sorts. And we had planned it to be a big one as we celebrate 55 years of service to the community.

But plans change. 

Instead we are gripped in a crisis none of us have ever experienced before. Instead of watching our tally board turn over, we're watching and waiting to see what will change next so we can let you know.

We're worried about friends and family and our own health. We have gloves and wipes and sanitizer and the support of EMU who keeps our facility clean and sanitized.

Through it all, though, we are here for you. And that's a celebration of sorts; that WEMU is able to be here for you and come through for you when you need us so much. 

So we didn't do a spring on-air fundraiser. We did a soft drive, asking for a support through a variety of recorded and live messages, but not interrupting programming because real time coverage is SO IMPORTANT right now.

Thanks to 300 + donors including our remarkable community champions we did manage to raise about $80,000 over the last 9 days. And we're so grateful for that.

So, let's go out on a virtual party and try to get in as much as we can by 7:00 p.m. tonight. You can make a gift anytime here on our website. Because one day we will be on the other side of this and back to normal. And when that day comes I hope you will remember that WEMU was here for you when it mattered most.

Plus....BOGO! Or....DOGO! Through the end of the day you can double your thank you gifts at the level you give and below. Just write your second gift in the comments section.

Stay well, stay safe, and keep listening.