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NPR Debuts New Morning Edition Schedule November 17th

Oct 29, 2014

NPR unveils its new Morning Edition format November 17.  You'll hear several more regular breaks for WEMU local content in Morning Edition.  Some of these breaks will start and end at different times so we want to make sure you know exactly when and where to find your WEMU News reports!

Right now, you are accustomed to hearing WEMU News begin at four-minutes past each hour, ending at 10-after.  NPR has adjusted the structure of Morning Edition which means WEMU will still begin the first newscast of each hour at four-minutes past, but will now end at seven-and-a half minutes after the hour. Although it is a shorter newscast at this time, there will actually be more local news each hour under this new hourly configuration. You'll also notice that All Things Considered will also have  NPR news at the 30-mark.

WEMU will continue to update weather and traffic at 18-minutes after the hour. That will be followed by another NPR newscast and WEMU News between 19- minutes past and 22-after.

NPR will no longer provide a newscast at 30-minutes after the hour; that will now be comprised of local content only. WEMU News will run from 30 minutes past the hour until 33-after. 

WEMU will bring you another weather and traffic report at 41-minutes after each hour, to be followed by another NPR newscast and :90-seconds of WEMU News headlines. 

More WEMU News local content will provided to you between 49-minutes past the hour and 52 after.  In the end, the local newscasts are shorter, but add up to more local WEMU News local content for you, throughout each hour.

Regular NPR Morning Edition features like StoryCorps, news analysis from Cokie Roberts, Your Health segments and commentary from Frank DeFord will continue, though you may hear them in different parts of the program.

We believe that NPR and 89.1 WEMU will better serve your listening needs through these changes, and look forward to hearing your feedback. Send your thoughts, comments and observations anytime to studio@wemu.org or by contacting 89.1 WEMU Program Director Patrick Campion at pcampion@emich.edu